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On Demand Webinar


With the evolution to multi-screen consumer shopping, cross-channel orchestration has become a critical competency for retail marketers. And with more than 90 percent of retail sales still taking place in brick and mortar stores, connecting in-store and online behaviors is the key foundation for a successful cross-channel strategy. With the emergence of in-store digital location signals such as GPS, WiFi, Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth beacons, marketers finally have a reliable way to bridge the digital and physical worlds.

In this free on-demand webinar, representatives from Swirl and Oracle Marketing Cloud share their experiences and discuss how to take advantage of Mobile Presence technology to enhance cross-channel orchestration.

What You'll Learn From This Webinar:

  • What is mobile presence?
  • Why is mobile presence so important to my cross-channel orchestration strategy?
  • What are some examples of mobile presence use cases?
  • How do I build my mobile presence action plan?Oracle_bios_3.jpg